Frontear (2024)

Digital transfer of 16mm film (black & white, sound).

Experimental collage. A tribute to Cormac McCarthy (1933-2023) and the novel, "Blood Meridian", published in 1985. The 16mm film negative is hand-painted, masked, bleached, and scratched, excerpted from a print of the western television pilot, "Wagon Train" (1957-1962). Initiated as class project for a workshop, "Direct Cameraless Animation," offered by Mono No Aware (a cinema arts non-profit) during the fall of 2023, the work premiered as part of a community screening at the Anthology Film Archives on December 10, 2023. It was re-edited and a musical score was composed in February of 2024.

after the storm (2021)

Digital transfer of Super8 film (black & white, sound).